The Market is Shifting

The words of Arlene Dickinson couldn’t ring truer after the news of the closer of Future shop and other big box chains. This only signifies a large market shift, and only says one thing. We are at the right place at the right time!

The next part stood out to us!

“Bakeries, artisanal products, locally grown produce, butchers, wellness services. The list of what we want and will buy from local retailers is still endless. It’s exciting even as its changing. And interestingly enough it’s ultimately changing back to what it was 100 years ago.”

As per our Friday Night Soho Street Market! Any recently ‘surprised’ employees of Future Shop are welcome to apply to set up a vendor table if they have a small business/ create their products locally! Heck even if you are a hobby farmer.

Stop relying on the system and start being the change you wanna be. If you need any help please contact the London Small Business Centre or myself if you are interested in building your own future! We will help guide you through the process until you are ready!

Keep on dreaming. Keep on making it a reality. The only constant…. is belief.

If you agree, please share our page with your friends, and continue to create awareness of what we’re doing.

Thank you friends, advocates, Londoners! – we couldn’t be where we are at without your support!

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ill be there Friday to buy produce! Cannot wait!

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